Sunday 8 January 2017

All Black Air New Zealand A 320 Airbus at Auckland International 7-1-2017

Of course Air New Zealand's all black Airbus A 320-232 ZK-OAB (c/n 4553) has been featured on the blog previously, but I was able to get it in a nice pose taxying for departure at Auckland International yesterday.  It has been in the fleet since 28/1/11.

It only twigged to me yesterday why it is registered out of sequence from all other Air New Zealand A 320s - I guess the OAB is for Our All Black (aircraft).  Am I correct?


  1. Old All Blacks

  2. All the A320s in the fleet are registered OJ? (original international ones) or OX? (newer, domestic ones) except this one. I would wager they kept the O and just added AB for All Blacks.

  3. For what it is worth, this was originally intended to be ZK-OJP.