Tuesday 24 January 2017

DH 104 Devon NZ1808/ZK-KTT at Classics of the Sky

I have done quite a few posts on the wonderful lines of the DH 98 Mosquito, and it surely is sublime.  We have been truly blessed to be able to see those spectacular modern day aircraft flying in our skies.

However, I have rather overlooked the Devon, partly I suppose because they were once common here.  But the above photo of NZ1808/ZK-KTT at the Classics of the Sky airshow at Tauranga last Saturday shows that the Devon loses nothing in the sublimity stakes to the Mosquito.  Man that's nice!

Aaah de Havilland!  You've done it again!

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  1. another DH link - the aircraft was displayed by Dave Phillips - Mosquito and Tiger Pilot of highest repute!