Thursday 26 January 2017

Wanaka snips and snaps.

These first two shots were taken at Wanaka today.
 In the background we have the Aero Commander 500 ZK-CWP1 (c/n 500-842-98) as seen at the Wanaka Transport Museum next to Wanaka Airport.
It has been briefly mentioned several times before, See Here. and drill your way down.
In the foreground is the unregistered 'Rocket Man',
I know which one I would rather fly in.
A reasonably recent arrival for Skydive Wanaka Ltd was the Cessna 208B Supervan 900 ZK-RUL (c/n 208B0847)
See the earlier posts HERE showing it in its previous identities.
The above pic I believe came from the Performance Aviation facebook page.
It shows the Cub Crafters CCH-160UL Cub ZK-KUB (c/n CCH-00318) still in its VH-OOA markings.
This was originally N7002S in the States before becoming 24-8542 on 30-09-2014 on the Recreational Australian Aircraft register. It was transferred to the GA register as VH-OAA2 on 05-12-2014 with Stephen Buckle at Kew, Victoria. 
It came onto the NZ register for Ardleigh Farm Ltd of Geraldine on 19-07-2016.
Ardleigh Farm have been operating the Rans S-6ES coyote II ZK-ARD2 since October of 2013.

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