Saturday 25 January 2014

ZK-AMY - Last ride at Ashburton today. 25-01-2014

Today was the final day of flight for ZK-AMY.
 Flights were carried out on the hour from Ashburton with the last flight at 7pm this evening.
Allan Bowman was on the spot and has kindly forwarded these pics.
A selection of visiting aircraft are shown below.
The Richard Royds Auster Mk5 ZK-ARR (c/n 1364) is of about the same vintage as ZK-AMY.
 ZK-BKX (c/n 18-4684) is the Fred Bull Cub from up Springfield way, with the Auster J1B Aiglet ZK-AYU (c/n 2730) of Charlie Draper from near Darfield.
 Tiger Moth ZK-BCO (c/n 83420) was down from Swannanoa and the Fat Cub ZK-BNJ (c/n 18-5063) is from near Springfield.
 Two Chipmunks - Both ex UK military dropped in. ZK-CPY (c/n C1-0389) is Andrew Miller's mount, whilst ZK-XUK (c/n C1-0087) is Lou McAllister's.
 From the lighter side there was the Warren Baxter and Elizabeth Scott Rans S-6ES Coyote II ZK-MOL (c/n 02041548).
 This mornings Ashburton Guardian newspaper carried a two page spread on ZK-AMY.

See also the TV3 news clip.

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