Friday 3 January 2014

Half a century ago.

From the depth of the shoe box I have extracted some more pics from around the 1963 period.
Some have already been posted.
 In the big open hangar at Queenstown (Frankton it was in those days) was parked the Miles M-38 Messenger 2A ZK-AUM (c/n 6705). The date was April 1963.
Built in the UK in 1947 it came to - and first flew in NZ on 29-08-1950 and was used by the well known West Coast W D Nolan and Sons Ltd until sold to L D Lamb of Balcairn, North Canterbury.
It failed a glue inspection at Queenstown and was certified for one flight only from Queenstown to Balcairn where it was withdrawn in April of 1967 and cancelled the following month.
 This Auster 5 was a "war bird" with the RAF in West Germany before coming to NZ to be registered to the Waikato Aero Club on 25-09-1950 as ZK-AVH (c/n 1412).
 It is seen here at Harewood on 24-12-1963.
It is still currently registered to Alastair Chaffey of Rakaia. More pics at :-
Above is the Auster J4 Archer ZK-AXC (c/n 2080). We covered this one previously at :-
Auster 5 ZK-AXP (c/n1586) also wore military marks from 1945 through to 1948 and after a couple of years on the UK civil register came to NZ for listing with the Auckland Aero Club.
It is seen above at Frankton in April of 1963; and below, in a different scheme and minus the venturi, at Harewood on 19-08-1964.
Below is Auster J1B ZK-AYU at Frankton in April of 1963. 
Auster J1B ZK-AYU (c/n 2730) has been covered pretty well previously at :-

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  1. Excellent choice of photos, much appreciated...any ag birds from those days??