Saturday 4 January 2014

Early to mid 60's

 Seen at Taieri about the mid 1960's were the remains of the De Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth ZK-ANW (c/n 82891).
This one came across from the RAF to become NZ884 with the RNZAF between June of 1940 and 20th of February of 1947 when it was sold to D B Monteagle.
It was registered to Airwork (NZ) Ltd on 11-07-1949 and it  had at least four incidents before being on sold to Checketts Aerial Top Dressing Co Ltd on 23-04-1956.
It was sold again on 03-04-1959 to M Todd of Heriot who withdrew it from use about 1964. Its registration was cancelled on 11-02-1965.
 Above we have the Douglas DC-3D ZK-APK (c/n 34227/16967) as seen at Harewood on 02-06-1964. As NZ3556 it had served with the RNZAF from August 1945 until being converted to a DC-3D by ANA in Australia and joining NZNAC in 1947. It was converted to "Skyliner" standard just a few months after the above photo was taken. After a brief lease to Fiji Airways it returned to NZ and sold in May of 1969 for conversion to the ag role with Airland and Fieldair.
Withdrawn from use in July of 1981 it became the "Cookie time" DC-3 at Mangaweka in about 1985. It is still there but now in Rangitikei River Adventures colours.
 Next out of the shoe box is the Auster ZK-APO (c/n 2212). Built as an J-1 it started with Fred Lucas of Southern Scenic Air Trips at Queenstown in July of 1947.
It had an interesting experience in the Lammerlaw Ranges later in 1947 (but that's another story).
It was converted to J1-B status in the 1950's, but retained the small rudder and was sold to Martin Meehan of Alexandra on 18-08-1959.
It was lost in an accident on 30-06-2002 in the Lindis area.
Douglas DC-3C ZK-AQP had also served with the RNZAF before moving to NZNAC in 1947. It is seen above at Harewood on 24-08-1964 with the old Crash Fire Unit in the background. It returned to the RNZAF as NZ3538 in October 1966 until being withdrawn from use in 1977. Stored at Harewood it was sold in 1978 and went off shore and ended up with the South African Air Force - and there lies yet another tale for another day.
 ZK-AQU (c/n 33134/16386) had a similar life to ZK-AQP. Ex RNZAF it joined NZNAC on 14-10-1917 - Returned to the RNZAF as NZ3542 in 1967 - was withdrawn from use in 1977 - Stored until sold and turning up in the South African Air Force.

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