Saturday 11 January 2014

Air to Air Photo Session with ZK-WLK 11/1/2014

When, thanks to John King,  a chance came up to go flying for an air to air photo session with Dave Wilkinson and his new RV 8 ZK-WLK, I jumped at it!  John King will publish his air to air shots in the upcoming issues of Sport Flying magazine and NZ Aviation News.  But look out for them because they will be spectacular - ZK-WLK is so photogenic against the backdrops of Kawau Island and the surrounding areas.  I also looked down at Martin's Bay and thought of ZK-ORN.

Dave Wilkinson about to start ZK-WLK up.  Dave told me that he has virtually flown off the 40 hours restrictions in less than a month.

Our photo ship was Cherokee 6 ZK-DSQ, owned and flown by Alan Hull.  It was a nice stable photo platform.

And here is a view of ZK-WLK and the port side of ZK-DSQ where you can see the rear door is off, and you can just see John King's leg as he prepares to strap himself in, facing backwards.  You can see the weather in the background.  After an overcast day the skies opened up to allow great conditions for air to air photography.  A spectacular late afternoon!


  1. Keith can you txt me your email address I have some info on the history of CBN... Cheers David Wilkinson

  2. David

    It is

    Keith Morris