Monday 20 January 2014

Recent Rangitata Island visitors.

We have some shots of recent visitors to Rangitata Island.
As sent in by Russell Brodie.
ZK-FWA (c/n 651) is the Sequoia Falco F.8L as built by Bruce Fraser and Russell Woods at Christchurch International. It was test flown by John Goddard out of Christchurch on 19-08-2010.
It was sold to Warren Thompson with a Dunedin address on 13-10-2011 but is Ohakea based.
Cessna 172RG Cutlass II ZK-JCL (c/n 172RG0732) and has been based at Timaru since purchased by P R Bennett on 18-08-2012. This one dates back to late 1980 when it was created as N6499V before moving to the UK in 1988 to become G-BOUH.
It was damaged at Westbury-Sub-Mendip on 08-01-1993 with the damaged airframe coming to NZ for Flightline Aviation Ltd (Papakura) for a rebuild.
It surfaced in NZ as ZK-JCL on 28-04-1993 and has had about eleven owner/operators since.
This Zenair CH701 STOL was registered using the builders initials on 02-11-1999 as ZK-KJR and has the c/n of 7-3854. Keith J Ross sold it to Alastair Millar of the South Eyre Trust on 13-12-2008 and as the name implies - it is based on a farm property on South Eyre Road, Northwest of Christchurch. It has the mounts for  - but is not equipped with leading edge slats.
The Auto Gyro Europe MT03 Eagle ZK-RBG2 (c/n NZ007) of Oskar Stielau has been sited at many airfields around the South over the Christmas New Year period. It was in at NZRI on 08-01-2014.
It has been North Shore based since January of 2010.


  1. Looks like the gyrocopter is RBG not RGB?

  2. Not only does it look like it : It is RBG.
    Well spotted.
    Finger trouble at this end.
    Cheers Leo