Wednesday 22 January 2014

A visit to Auckland

A recent visit to Auckland proved to be quite wonderful. I had hoped to get to see some different aircraft but the variety was more than expected. I have not included any of the modern Jets but will do a separate post if required.

Fly My Sky, Britten Norman Islander BN2A, ZK-SFK, c/n:236 owned by Commercial Hellicopters Limited. This small airline operates daily between Great Barrier Island and Auckland.

General Dynamics Convair 440/580, ZK-CIE c/n:399 owned by air Chathams.

Beechcraft  76 Dutchess ZK-JED, c/n:ME-386 operated by Ardmore Flying School.

Diamond DA 42 ZK-CTK, c/n:42.103 operated by CTC  Aviation Training.

Britten Norman Trilander BN.2A Mk.III-2, ZK-LGC, c/n:1042 operated by Great Barrier Airlines.

General Dynamics Convair 340/580, ZK-KFJ c/n:114 of Airfreight NZ.

I would love to visit Auckland again as there are still many aircraft to photograph. Mobile phone issues prevented me from meeting up with fellow photog Colin Hunter - I discovered later that we were just meters apart! I also had a short visit to Ardmore and will post them soon.

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