Friday 24 January 2014

More Cabris arrive at Pacific Aviation in Christchurch.

Yesterday Pacific Aircraft Ltd at Christchurch International Airport had three Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopters in their hangar.
Two more arrived this afternoon (24-01-2014)
These first two photos show all five (alas with strong backlight from the sun and the concrete).
Front left is c/n 1024 ZK-ICS (previously ZK-HCS4). To the right is c/n 1003, the Dutch PH-WTW, with ZK-HVZ5 pending (Registration decals "VZ" can be seen on the box to the right).
Left centre is c/n 1057, a new airframe that will become ZK-HCS5.
Left rear is the dark green c/n 1004 F-GXRV - pencilled in to become ZK-IZR.
Rear centre is c/n 1044 ZK-IZD.
A closer view of c/n 1004 F-GXRV with "heli-challenge"  markings - Soon to be ZK-IZR.
Above is the factory new c/n 1057 which is to become ZK-HCS5 and is to be retained by Pacific Aircraft as their demonstrator/trainer.
 Above - c/n 1003 is PH-WTW - soon to be ZK-HVZ5.
Two more examples are due in about July and two more towards the end of the year.
These will make the Cabri a significant player in the Helicopter training role within New Zealand.

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