Friday 17 January 2014

AMY is retiring.

Southern DC3 Trust ZK-AMY Retirement Function

The DC3 is about to retire
and so we are holding an open day on
Saturday 25th January 2014 
Museum Members and the public to farewell this grand old lady.
You are welcome to bring any friends out to help us celebrate this day.
The museum will be doing a sausage sizzle etc.
Please help us give ZK-AMY a fitting farewell.
On Sunday 26th there will be a midday BBQ  at Aeroview Function Centre for
any AAM members that wish to attend. Numbers are required for this so if you
wish to attend please advise numbers by return email.
If you wish to pre book a flight on the Saturday then please contact the
Southern DC3 Tust on 0800 DC3 FLY or 0800 323 359
I look forward to seeing as many of you that can at the airport on Saturday

Owen Moore

DC3 PRESS RELEASE      January 2014.

Another chapter in the preservation of vintage airliner ZK AMY is about to
unfold as the 1940's-built DC3 moves into permanent retirement at the
Ashburton Aviation Museum this month.
The preservation part of the old "Dak's" journey (they were known as the
Dakota in their military guise), began when current Air New Zealand Airbus
A320 Captain Dave Horsburgh realised that when Wigram-based Pionair were
retiring the last of the operational DC3's in the early 2000's, the sight of
such a legendary aircraft would disappear from South Island skies forever.
He "borrowed" the aircraft and flew it to Wanaka complete with a "For Sale
"sign and cell phone number along the side and decided something had to be
done to prevent it being sold off shore. He called the number on the side
and convinced Pionair boss Tim Scott to give him some time to set up a
charitable trust to acquire, operate and eventually place the aircraft into
permanent preservation. Scott readily agreed.
The next step was a call to the Ashburton Aviation Museum. If the museum
would undertake the building of a new hangar, the Southern DC3 Trust would
look after the aircraft funding, and place the DC3 with the AAM in
perpetuity. The rest is now history. The Ashburton Community, through
generous assistance of businesses, individuals and the various local funding
Trusts, all worked together to make the new hangar a reality. Now valued at
around a million dollars, it was opened debt free several years ago to great
ceremony.. The new Superhangar offer generous accommodation for not only the
DC3, but the museums' world-renowned and expanding collection of classic
propeller and jet age aircraft.
Local businessman Keith Pickford, the Aviation Museum's representative on
the Southern DC3 Trust admits that the keeping the old DC3 in the air has
been a challenging, sometimes daunting, but ultimately satisfying mission.
"Early in the piece, All Black Captain Richie McCaw was approached to be the
Patron of the Southern DC3 Trust. He readily agreed and has been fabulous in
throwing his weight behind the cause. He's actually flown the aircraft
himself and has a great fondness for it. He's even flown his team mates to
the North Island in it ! It's a classic example of a new generation falling
in love with this timeless aeroplane all over again."
But now, escalating costs and mountainous compliance paperwork have meant
it's time to place ZK AMY permanently in her retirement home, as per the
original ultimate intent.
Ashburton people will have a final chance to take a flight in AMY around the
local area, on Saturday January 25th.  Keith Pickford encourages anyone with
an interest, to make the most of this final opportunity. "Over the last 7
years or so, we have given thousands of people the chance to experience a
flight in this classic DC3, and hundreds of thousands more have enjoyed
watching it pass overhead. That's something that would never have happened
had we let it just slip away. As a Trust we are proud of the charities we
have worked alongside, of the joy that the DC3 has given so many, and of the
way so many people have rallied to the call to get this lovely heritage
airliner, adored by so many, to the point we have now reached. It will be a
bittersweet moment when we shut the engines down for the final time, but
also a time to reflect on what a staggering ride it has been. We know she
will be in great hands with the enthusiasts at the Ashburton Aviation Museum
and we trustees will still With the final public flights, the aircraft and
crew  will work hard to meet the expected high demand. Tickets can be
purchased, and the aircraft will operate from alongside the Ashburton
Aviation Museum from 10 am, on Saturday. Further enquiries can be made to
0800 DC3FLY  0800 323 359
ZK-AMY sitting near the end of 29 at NZCH on 14-01-2014.

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  1. Hi, I have my ticket booked on todays scenic flight around Christchurch. It will be one of the last ones to take off from NZCH before the final flights down in Ashburton next weekend. Im rather excited right now haha