Friday 31 May 2013

ZK-HYR destroyed.

Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HYR3 (c/n 2336) was written off in a first solo take off accident at Rangiora on Thursday 30-05-2013. Pilot received only a few scratches.
Imported from Germany where it had operated as D-HIRO - it became ZK-HYR on 21-10-2008 for Eddie Schenk of Clandyboye near Temuka. Ownership changed to James Lilley of Ashburton on 14-08-2010.
Pic above take on 09-08-2011.
Pic below taken on 03-11-2008 during its NZ certification.
Still wearing its German markings and carrying a German flag on its mast.


  1. who was the instructor??

  2. Hallo from Germany, can I show your pictures from D-HIRO in my historic helicopter database with copyright shown to its photographer?? Please send me a PM to; Many thanks in advance.