Saturday 4 May 2013

Omaka as seen by Caribou.

 Here are some belated photographs taken by Caribou at the Omaka Airshow during Easter.
Two views of the Fokker F27 Mk 500 ZK-PAX2 (c/n 10596) doing things you don't normally expect a Friendship to do. PAX was a rather recent arrival in NZ - reaching Auckland on 23-07-2003 after a rather varied career having first flow on 01-02-1980.
It is just one of two Friendships still operating in NZ. See:-
 Many years ago I built a model of a Beaver - Oh what I would have given to have had shots like this to get the details. 
Eagle eyes will note that the tail wheel steering linkages are fitted to this aircraft - most working ag Beavers had them removed for ease of maintenance.
ZK-AZB (c/n 156) in its East Coast Air Services markings (on this side) being given a fair amount of "right hand down a bit" as it trundles past with its P&W rumble.
AZB has featured on this Blog several times - Just enter AZB in the search box above to check them out.

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