Friday 10 May 2013

Fletcher ZK-EMK in 1982

Bryan Smith, the brother of Des Smith who supplied the Dothy spraying and 1080 carrot dropping photos a couple of weeks back, has sent in these six photos taken in 1982 whilst he was working for Pask Air Services
 The Fletcher FU24-954 ZK-EMK (c/n 263) is seen working at Glenbrook, near Putorino.
 ZK-EMK taking off from Ohiti, north of Napier in 1982. Note the ripples in the fuselage.
 ZK-EMK taking off, empty, from the Aropaoanui Tutira strip.
 ZK-EMK clearing the Te Pohue strip. This strip is reasonably high at around 1800ft.
ZK-EMK at work at Rissington, northwest of Napier 1982.

EMK moved around a bit. It first flew with NZAI at NZHN on 26-06-1979, was crated and shipped out in August of 1979 and popped up as A6-ALR with Aero Gulf Services in Dubai. I have notes that it was written off in a hail storm on 30-04-1981 at Dubai and also that it was damaged beyond repair in a gale on 02/03-08-1981. It was returned to NZ and rebuilt and returned to the ZK register on 13-05-1982 with Aero Gulf Services. Ownership was taken up by Pask Air Services on 11-01-1983 until it was moved to Clayton Aviation Ltd at Hastings on 29-01-1986. It was ferried out from Auckland to Sydney on 06-05-1989 for it to become VH-EMK at the end of May with R B Dunn in West Australia. It next took up its old ZK-EMK marks with Aeromotive Corporation of Hamilton on 06-10-1992 and was flown back the other way on 08-10-1992. In November it was with Rural Air Services at Feilding as a model FU24A-954. Gerald Nolan at Masterton took it on from 01-04-1999 followed by Yvonne Nuttal of Christchurch on 26-04-2001. It was cancelled  a year later on 14-05-2002 to become P2-CCF and then back to Australia as VH-FNM for Cloud Aviation only to be lost in a fatal accident at Wynella Station, Queensland on 20-12-2010.

The Fletcher FU24-950 ZK-EMC (c/n 254) with John Rika helping out on a job out of Napier.


  1. I think that the Aussie rego was VH-FNM. Cheers

    See ATSB report #AO-2010-110.

  2. Hi there Anon.
    Thanks for that - just transposed the last two letters between master list - brain and fingertips.
    Well spotted - and now corrected.

  3. Nice shots thanks. Have you got some of the Braves that you flew with Pask Air Services

  4. Hi there Lord Nelson.
    Just working on that now - so maybe a post tomorrow on the Brave.

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