Saturday 18 May 2013

Gone : ZK-FWW

Reims Cessna FRA150L ZK-FWW c/n FRA1500122 has gone offshore.
As its designation implies this was French built with a 130hp Rolls Royce engine and went to Heli-Orient Pte Ltd of Seletar, Singapore (Being Cessna agents) in March of 1972 as 9V-BEG.
It was delivered to the Republic of Singapore Flying Club. Pic below.
I then believe it went to Monarch Aviation Pty Ltd before arriving on the doorstep of Stan and Gilly Smith plus Derek Ells at Dairy Flat, and became ZK-FWW on 14-08-1991.
In April of 2003 it moved to Mercury Aviation Ltd at Kerikeri, transferring to Quantum Learning NZ Ltd, also at Kerikeri on 19-07-2004. 
Scott Innes of Invercargill appears next from 10-06-2005 followed by Glenn Armstrong on 20-06-2006. Glenn moved it to Rangiora where it is seen below on take off on 06-02-2008. Pic from Andy Heap.
Early this year it was converted back to nosewheel configuration by Arnold Gallagher at  Rangiora. As below on 27-01-2013.
Above - At NZRT on 06-02-2008.
On Wednesday the 15th May its was being stored into a 20ft container for shipping to Australia.


  1. I loved this airplane. Was hard to let it go.

  2. The Aircraft is in good hands.
    Now located in Albury NSW Australia,and is online Riverina Aviation College .The aircraft is great to fly and train with now has a new engine and all SIDS done,would be great to have a few more of these aircraft.

  3. Greeting Lee and Rhena. Thanks for the update.
    Any chance of a photo sometime please ? to