Tuesday 21 May 2013

ZK-FRO update.


Roy Blewett has kindly sent in this photograph of the Beechcraft A23-24 Musketeer Super 2 ZK-FRO (c/n MA-181).
Roy said  "I thought you might like this photo of Musketeer ZK-FRO, taken last Sunday. You have some pics of it already on your site, taken in a yard in Porirua, but I think it has moved. It's still in Porirua, but now in a yard called Ingot Metal Recyclers at the junction of Raiha and Makaro Streets."


Below is the original post covering ZK-DAD / ZK-FRO.
Monday, 24 May 2010

Beech A23-24 Musketeer ZK-FRO

I have received some low resolution photos from Peter Layne, taken recently, showing the fuselage of ZK-FRO in the Seaview Wreckers yard at Porirua, two of which I have included at the bottom of this posting.
Beechcraft A23-24 Musketeer Super 3, c/n MA-181 , was I believe a 1967 production aircraft which arrived and was uncrated at Hawker De Havilland at Bankstown on 10-04-1969 and was registered as VH-DYG. The only listed Australian operator I can find was Sunland Aviation Service Pty Ltd of Archerfield.
On 08-11-1969 it was registered as ZK-DAD to the Wellington Aero Club. Colour scheme was from memory - blue lower fuselage with white upper and tail, with red and gold trim lines.
Top pic shows her at Wellington on 06-07-1971 with the Pig ZK-DAI behind.

 After take off from the Picton airstrip on 17-04-1972.

On 03-01-1973 it looked like this at Wellington.

And on 19-07-1973 it was even more naked, being prepared for a repaint outside the Aero Club hangar at Wellington

Ending up like this - In the Club colour scheme of yellow and black trim with stylised WAC on the tail

Same day

It then passed to a series of owners, including Westland Air of Hokitika from 04-03-1974; Hired to the Stratford Aero Club briefly in 1974; To A P Orchard at Greymouth on 12-11-1974. R E J Turner of Ardmore had it from 01-04-1977 followed by T C Williams and K T Lochore at Masterton from 16-07-1977. B W Saunders of Auckland appears on 26-07-1988 and on this same day it was re-registered as ZK-FRO.

This shot shows ZK-FRO at Hokitika on 09-03-1993

Under its new rego it passed through the hands of A R Antonievich of Pukekohe from 05-09-1991; to Allan Aviation of Ardmore in 1994;

A nice view of her at Omarama on 19-01-1995

It went to T R Willigers at Whitianga from 20-05-1997; R J and D J Lees of Thames from 29-09-98. To F P Radisich at Thames on 02-09-99 and the to Abdul Hameed of Auckland on 04-10-2002.
It had fuel problems on take off at Hamilton on 15-01-2004 and force landed at Rukahia. Its registration was revoked on 02-06-2004.

Two recent views (May 2010) from Peter Layne showing ZK-FRO in the wreckers yard.


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