Tuesday 14 May 2013

Taildraggers at Ardmore

Its been great catching up with some of the popular tail draggers both resident and visiting Ardmore in recent days.  Thanks to Wayne for most of these shots. 

Above and below, Ardmore resident DH82 Tiger Moth ZK-AUD on 12 May 2013. 

Above and below, back to the basics!  Cessna 170B ZK-BLT is also an Ardmore resident.  As seen 14 May 2013. 

Cessna Birdog ZK-DAJ 12 May 2013

Cessna A185F ZK-DMX, a visitor at Ardmore 13 May 2013. 

Cessna 180K ZK-EOH is a regular sight at Ardmore, as seen on 12 May 2013. 

Cessna Birdog ZK-FYA returning to its Ardmore home 12 May 2013. 

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