Friday 31 May 2013

Another Commander exported

Hot on the heels of Rockwell Commander 114 ZK-ELL exiting the country under its own steam earlier this month and cancelled as "exported" on 23 May, Rockwell Commander 114 ZK-LMH was cancelled as "exported" on 28 May with the aircraft having sat for sale at Ardmore for many years now. 
It is understood the aircraft is destined for Western Australia but it may well leave via container.

Ardmore September 2009


  1. Having seen it up close recently I don't think it will be flying out unless major work is undertaken first!

  2. Noted inside the Flightline hangar at Ardmore 05/06/13 disassembled and ready for a crate to arrive!

  3. note: the Commander did not sit for sale for years. :) I know of it.

    Anonymous 2