Saturday 11 May 2013

Super Puma - updated with link.

Thanks to Kereru for bringing our attention to the arrival at Ardmore 10 May of Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma
ZK-HHL!  This first of type for NZ has been imported by Heli Harvest Ltd, hence the personalised registration, and thanks to online resources we can advise the helicopter carries the construction number of 2240 making it ex JA9679 and a recently retired from active service with the Osaka Prefectural Police service in Japan.

The Heli Harvest website mentions the addition of the Super Puma bring the capabilities of a heavy lift helicopter back to the local market after they sold their last Mil 8 back in 2010.

Thanks to QW and ToyoHLZ, a link to a shot of the helicopter prior to its departure by sea from Osaka:

Can anyone assist with how the helicopter arrived at Ardmore?  We suspect a low bed truck from the Ports of Auckland as it looks like a "pilot" vehicle at the extreme right of the below photo.

Photo thanks to South Pacific Avionics

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  1. It was shipped from former base airport at Osaka. Have a look at the photo on the link.