Friday 3 May 2013

Fletcher N6506C

The following photograph came from Tim Frederikson via CMM  and shows the Fletcher FU24 MkII N6506C in the James Aviation hangar at Hamilton. I believe it was taken on 10-05-1966 by Peter Lewis.
N6506C is c/n 7 and first flew in the US on 08-02-1955. I believe it was a test  bed aircraft for various engine and airframe upgrades.
It was shipped to NZ and became ZK-CQB with James Aviation Ltd on 31-05-1966. 
As I understand it - it was fitted with a Continental GIO-470A engine of 310hp -which self destructed on 01-07-1967.
 The Fletcher in the background is ZK-CBG which at this date was with Advance Aviation.
Below is an enlargement of the engine in the above photograph. Is this the GIO-470A engine ?
ZK-CQB was pretty well covered in an earlier post. See:-


  1. Yep thats a GIO engine - the prop flange sits well above the centreline of the cylinders so its got the reduction gearing.

  2. Yep - Thanks - thats what I thought.