Sunday 19 May 2013

More on those Pawnee Braves

Here we have more photographs of Piper PA-36 Pawnee Braves ZK-EIA and ZK-EIG.
Both whilst being operated by Airwork and flown by Tim Frederickson.
But first - have a look at :-  
ZK-EIA was a PA-36-300 Pawnee Brave with the c/n 36-7760009.
It was the only one of this model imported using the Lycoming IO-540 engine.
Many thanks to CMM for supplying these pics.
As mentioned in an earlier post - ZK-EIA was imported by Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Ardmore and registered to them on 19-05-1977. It was Rangiora based the following month.
It had a whoopsie whilst spraying near Rakaia when the left wing struck a tree.

These three shots of ZK-EIA show it during spray instalation testing/calibration at Timaru Rangiora International.

Check out the earlier blog about that tree at :-

After a reasonably short lease to Pask Air Services it was sold to Marty Herbert of Astro Air at Napier from 03-08-1983; then to Kairanga Aviation Ltd on 05-07-1984 and was sold overseas and cancelled on 23-10-1984 having been ferried across the Tasman Sea from 08-10-1984 via Kaitaia and Norfolk Island.
It became VH-FEX with Field Air Colac Pty Ltd of Ballarat, Victoria from 12-11-1984. Loden Grange Pty Ltd, also of Ballarat took it over from 19-07-1991 and on 24-08-2006 it was transferred back to Field Air (Holdings) Pty Ltd.

The remaining ten Pawnee Braves imported into NZ were the PA-36-375 models with the 375hp IO-720 engine. All but one ending up  in Australia.

ZK-EIG was c/n 36-7802009 and was registered to Airwork at Ardmore on 09-06-1978. Also mentioned in a recent blog.

Above: Tim standing beside his aircraft at Rangiora - outside what is now the "Small" hangar.
Tim in driving mode - showing intense interest in what is ahead.

It served with Airwork until damaged near Winchester on 27-08-1982 and was reduced to spares. Canceled on 09-08-1984 - the "spares" went to Australia and became VH-XAV with Blanch's Holdings at Ingham, Queensland from 18-08-1990. (Didn't Blanch have some NZ connection?)


  1. Mr Blue Those 3 photos taken of Tim spraying were taken at Rangiora International Airport. Cheers Mr & Mrs CMM

  2. Good to see you are back on line Mr CMM.
    I inserted NZTU to check to see if you were maintaning quality control over your photo's.

  3. I worked on these things at Airepair in Hastings when Chris Pask operated them. They used to break tailwheel springs regularly even when parked! In general I think they were a bit "plastic" for NZ conditions.

    There was a story that during certification testing to simulate most rearward C of G a counterweight was fitted in the tail. Probably an OK idea until the aircraft spins and then that weight is probably not where you would really want it! Think about it. Was apparently a "brown trouser" day!