Saturday 18 May 2013

A couple of Harvards

I am going to slightly bend my own rules over the next unspecified time period
and post some interesting non NZ civil aircraft . They do however have NZ aeronautical connections in some way.
First up :- 
Good olde CMM has provided us with this photograph of two retired North American NA88 Harvards taken in July of 1978 (at Woodbourne I guess).
NZ1038 is c/n 88-13187 and was built with the US military serial of 41-33714 but was allocated to the RAF/FAA under the lend lease scheme as a Mk2A. It was diverted to NZ and arrived here in June of 1943 and was taken on charge by the RNZAF as NZ1038 on 26-06-1943 and went to work at the Central Flying School at Tauranga. It was converted to a Mk2A* sometime in the mid 1950's. ( The * indicating 24 volts systems). It was withdrawn from use and stored, initially at Wigram, in July of 1962 and moved to Woodbourne in September of 1972. From here it was sold by the Government Stores Board (GSB) tender in August of 1978 to M Nortier of Auckland, who stored it for some years until on sold.  It turned up in Australia as VH-AYO with R Pointon of Como, West Australia on 18-03-1992. Then to D Brooks of Canning Vale, WA from 24-04-1996.

A pic of VH-AYO in Brazilian markings can be seen at :-

NZ1051 is c/n 88-13908. Allocated 41-33768 for the US military - it was earmarked for the RAF/FAA but was diverted to NZ, arriving here in July of 1943. It was assembled at Hobsonville and listed with the RNZAF as NZ1051 on 19-07-1943. It also was converted to a Mk1A* in the 1950's. It was placed in storage like NZ1038 and then sold by tender by the GSB in 1978 to Mr M Nortier. It also moved over to Australia and became VH-NZH with Judy Pay of Tyabb, Victoria on 01-05-2001.

A pic of VH-NZH can been seen at :-

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