Tuesday 14 May 2013

Question Time #160 Partly Resolved

Question Time #160 has been partly resolved thanks to the help of a lot of aviators.  Gavin Magill of the Kiwi KR website thought that Cliff McChesney might be able to help, so I called him.  He very kindly forwarded the question on to the 150 members of the Northern Adventure Aviation Group, and Harry Harris came back with an identification and photos of the aircraft in its previous life.

The mystery KR 2 is a Revmaster powered KR 2S model: ex N133RM (c/n 8103) built by Roy Marsh, which was first registered on 16/8/05 and which was cancelled on 11/12/07 as exported to New Zealand.  However no-one has yet come up with an answer to where it is now.  This is strange because the aircraft was airworthy in the USA, and if someone took the trouble to import it into New Zealand how come it has never been registered here?  It looks to be a very nice aircraft.

Another interesting item of feedback is that there is another KR 2S stored at Hamilton.  This one is ex South African, and has the retractable undercarriage.

Can anyone add anything to the story of these intriguing aircraft?. Is anyone out there?

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