Saturday 19 May 2012

Wanganui Ag.

Some more ag aircraft photographs from Terry Nuttal; sent in by Lord Nelson.
 The Gippsland GA200 Fatman ZK-DMC2 (c/n 2009618) now flies under the Wanganui Aero Work (2004) Ltd banner (as from 22-03-2012). Flown here by Murray MacFarlane. This is the first time WAW have operated this type of aircraft which is suited to smaller jobs.
Below is the  Pacific Aerospace Cresco 08-600 ZK-LTL (c/n 035) in spray configuration. Flown by Bruce Harding

Two shots of the Pacific Aerospace 08-600 Cresco ZK-WAT (c/n 019) in the new Aerowork/Ravensdown colour scheme. Flown by Andrew Denniston of Masterton.


  1. Fascinating! I heard rumour when I worked at WAW that a new colour scheme was in the works. Quite nice, but it'll be a sad day when the last red and white scheme is taken off.

  2. tro groststlooks very smart,and yes will be a sad day when the last red and white disapears seems like its been around since forever(i know it wasnt there first clour scheme so no need to point it out!)

  3. Did u get fired from there (handbag)?

  4. To much Terestrone....LOL