Wednesday 23 May 2012

Masterton yesterday 23-05-2012

Five pics from Geoff Lloyd taken at Masterton on 22-05-2012.
The top three are Cessna 152's from Mainland Air Services of Momona (Dunedin), refuelling before heading on to Whakatane.
ZK-EKM (c/n 152-80954) above, with Brett on the left.
 ZK-FGC (c/n 152-82207) above.
 ZK-NSZ2 (c/n 152-81730) above.
A visitor from Ardmore's Airline Flying Club was the Cessna 152 ZK-JFY (c/n 152-84398) being flown by an English gentleman. It had just arrived up from Queenstown.
Roslyn Skinner dropped in with her Tecnam P2002 Sierra RG ZK-SRG (c/n 364) from Taupo.
This has previously operated as ZK-SJS, ZK-SRG, ZK-MLX and back to ZK-SRG.


  1. The truck in the distance behind SRG looks interesting. Test run of a TVAL engine maybe?

  2. That is a correct statement.

    Alas I am sworn to secrecy !

  3. Ah. Finger trouble.
    And poor proof reading.
    Well spotted.

    EKM it is.

  4. My old 152 EKM... how i have missed you.... but what happend to your BLUS SPATS i painted for you...???

  5. Ain't you got spats on EOW ?

  6. Anyone out there have any other photos of EKM and EOW at all...?

    1. I might have some from my training, I'l look when I'm home