Sunday 20 May 2012

Some from Christchurch area today 20-05-12.

My first sighting of the Robinson R66 ZK-HWT4 (c/n 0033) was today, when it hopped over to Helipo for some fuel this morning before heading away north. This was previously ZK-ISS.
Above is the Harry Harris completed, tailwheel, bigger winged,VW powered, Rand KR-2 UL ZK-JLW (c/n SP1576/1). It was listed to Wayne Lindebaum of Christchurch on 05-04-2012 and is Rangiora based.
The Roger Sparks Tecnam P96 Golf ZK-RLS (c/n 218 ) is up at "The Landing Spot" at Rangiora from Alexandra for some TLC. It has been with Roger since new from 25-09-2002 and is seen here in The Landing Spots new hangar. Behind is the second of the new Ibis Magic's - the as yet unregistered ZK-PLC2.

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