Wednesday 23 May 2012

Hughes 369D ZK-HXZ

Hughes 369D ZK-HXZ (c/n 1170233D) was lost in an accident at Lake Sumner in North Canterbury on 21-05-2012.
Top photograph shows it whilst being operated by Amuri Helicopters. Taken at Christchurch on 14-06-2003.
Lower pic is at Rangiora on 30-12-2008 in a later scheme and with spray gear fitted.

This 369D had a varied career (as below) in Canada and the US before being registered to Oceania Aviation of Auckland on 22-12-2000.
ZK-HXZ/2    Hughes 369D (c/n 1170233D)

N58193  00/00/1977  Hughes Helicopters Inc, Culver City, California

        00/00/1978  Summa Corp, Culver City, California

        12/02/1979  Snow Goose Aviation Inc, Houston, Texas

        00/01/1980  Aerobankers Inc, Denver, Colorado

        00/08/1981  Redstone Investments Inc, Grand Junction, Colorado

        12/09/1988  Registration cancelled

C-FCVV  28/10/1988  J.J. Olsen, Vancouver, British Columbia

        06/12/1988  Riverside Helicopters Ltd, Qualicum Beach, BC

        26/05/1989  Northern Mountain Helicopters Ltd, Prince George, BC

        15/12/1992  Tundra Helicopters Ltd, Langley, BC

        01/02/1993  Helifor Industries Ltd, Vancouver, BC

        24/03/1993  Southern Mountain Helicopters Ltd, Langley, BC

        20/12/1994  Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd, Sidney, BC

        15/01/1996  Southern Mountain Helicopters Ltd, Langley, BC

        15/11/1996  E.M. Heli-Logistics Ltd, Langley, BC

        23/10/1997  Harbour City Helicopters Ltd, Langley, BC

        21/05/1998  E.M. Heli-Logistics Ltd, Langley, BC

        25/06/1998  Airspan Helicopters Ltd, Sechelt, BC

        21/01/1999  Registration cancelled

N369HL  01/02/1999  Heli-Logistics Inc, Lynden, Washington

        13/03/2000  Vertol Systems Co Inc, Portland, Oregon

        00/12/2000  Registration cancelled

ZK-HXZ  22/12/2000  Oceania Aviation Ltd, Auckland

        10/09/2001  Oceania Helicopters NZ Ltd, Auckland

        26/11/2001  Way To Go Heliservices Ltd, Waipawa

        04/12/2001  Amuri Helicopters Ltd, Hanmer Springs

        21/06/2009  Way To Go Heliservices Ltd, Rangiora

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