Friday 4 May 2012

Half a million hits - sometime today.

Sometime today the official blog "Hit Counter" will tick over the 500,000 mark.

Mind you. The counter didn't come on line for some months after the first blog posting.

So I think I will partake of a giant strawberry flavoured chocolate fish on behalf of all.

Thanks to all.


  1. sweet and only look like 250000 odd....

  2. Thanks for putting your time into running a great blog guys - a fixture on my 'must read' list and really enjoy your posts.

    Congrats on the milestone.

  3. Evening Anon.
    I might look that old, but only feel about 250.


    Thanks "nzcivair fan".

    Like I mentioned at the 1/4 million mark.
    If we could just get a dollar per hit !!!

  4. I appreciate your effort in running this blog. It's always an interesting read, and a valuable chronicle of our civil aviation heritage.


  5. Well done Mr Blue Bus on a fine informative site reaching a milestone. Your video was supberb did the jet blast trim your beard!!!! Another milestone. A special thanks to Mrs Blue Bus for allowing your addiction to aviation to be passed on to other addictees. Mr & Mrs CMM

  6. I see it's now past the mark, congratulations. Been a reader for quite a while now, always enjoy my daily dose of nz aviation, current and past.

  7. Thank you Blue Bus for an excellent Blogg site and also enabling me to id NZ aircraft at their place of resident airfield.Congrats for hitting the mile stone and by early 2014 i would like to add news from Tauranga from where i will reside from the sand pit in Riyadh KSA.

  8. Thanks for a great blog!!