Friday 25 May 2012

Question Time #150 Re-Visited

Not even one guess to date, so I must have made the question too difficult!  To make it a little easier, here is an expanded view.  So I re-pose the question: What type of aircraft?  And what registration?

As a useless aside you can see a hair of Minty on the scanned photo.


  1. I am guessing it could be a Pitts Special or a Clutton Fred? Looks like a biplane

  2. QW - Thanks for trying! I was thinking there was no-one out there! However it is not a Pitts or a FRED. It in a New Zealand aircraft (seeing as this is the NZ Civair blog).

  3. Baby Lakes?

    Shape is right, but I don't know of any other than ULM, and it's not that one.

  4. Anonymous 1 - You are correct that the type of aircraft is a Baby Lakes (or more correctly an Oldfield Baby Great Lakes). We have had another one in New Zealand, ZK-FLV, but I guess only us old guys would know that!

    I will do a post on Baby Great Lakes of New Zealand to reveal all!