Tuesday 8 May 2012

Friendship memories

"Ian Q" sent the following email which included these two neat photographs - both taken at Auckland.

"Gidday...great memories - especially the cockpit after about 5 years flying them when I was with AirNZ, April 1981 AKL.
Ian Q"
Above is the Fokker F27-120A Friendship ZK-BXG (c/n 10189 ) in all its radiant beauty on the ramp at Auckland. This is the one now at the Ferrymead Museum in Christchurch.
Above is the Fokker F27 Srs 500 Combi (note the open freight door on the port side) ZK-NAN (c/n 10365). This one arrived in NZ on 20-07-1973 and served with NZNAC and then ANZ until sold to Airwork on 31-03-1992 and was used on the Airpost contract.
Two pics in different Air Post schemes. Above at Woodbourne on 09-02-1996.
Below at Woodbourne on 09-02-2002.
Also (and I will stand corrected here) was used by MAF in the spraying for the Painted Apple Moth on 23-10-2002).
It came to an end at Woodbourne on 27-02-2003 when its undercarriage collapsed whilst parked up overnight.
It was raised back onto its wheels and moved between the hangars at SAFE Air
Pic above shows it parked at the end of the SAFE Air hangar, Woodbourne, 13-04-2003.
And then spent time over beside the new control tower (on the other side of the airfield) and later back over beside the RNZAF training hangar.
Its registration was cancelled on 18-09-2003.
Pic below shows it at the RNZAF workshop area on 09-12-2004.

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