Sunday 6 May 2012

Ashburton Aviation Museum Fly-in 06-05-2012 #2

Greg Burt trying out the cockpit of his Airdrome Aeroplanes Fokker D-VII Replica ZK-FKR2.
Jabiru SP ZK-JJR2 (c/n 506) of the Kintore Trust doing its first engine runs. It still has some way to go before test flying. This joined the register on 19-04-2012.
 The Rans S6-ES Coyote ZK-LVE (c/n 05051662ES) of Les Eade, down from Cheviot for the day.
Evan and Allan Belworthy called in from Cust in their Belworthy Figaro ZK-PUR (c/n BEL7) with Evan doing some test hops in the Fokker D-VII.
The Jon Ludgater Vans RV-6 ZK-RVX (c/n 60485) also came out for the occasion.


  1. Any appearance on the day of McGarry's Spartan ZK-ABK, which I hear now lives at Ashburton?

  2. Hi there flyernzl.

    The Spartan has been at Ashburton for some time now.
    I was not on the field this day.

    I see no sign of it in the background of any of the photos supplied.


  3. ABK is now displayed in the Museum hangar