Monday 7 May 2012

Rego swap ! ZK-OAC - ZK-WAL

Rans S-6ES Coyote II c/n 02991305 began life as ZK-WAL2, being registered to the B and C Knights Trust of Waiuku on 23-11-1999.
Ownership changed to L S and M J Nichol (later as the Seaview Trust) at Whakatane from 04-05-2000.
Thompson and Hood of Ashburton appear from 16-05-2008.
Below is a view of her in its original skin taken at Rangiora on 27-12-2008.
It was damaged on take off at Ashburton on 29-12-2008 (two days after the above pic) and eventually went to Taieri for a rebuild. Pic below at Taieri on 01-07-2011.
Ownership moved to the Otago Aero Club at Taieri on 10-12-2011. It is seen below in its new skin at Rangitata Island on 17-02-2012. Pic from Russell Brodie.
Recently ZK-WAL2 was re-registerd temporarily as ZK-JNA5 between 20-04-2012 and 03-05-2012 to allow a registration letter swap to take place between this S6 and the S-7 Courier originally registered as ZK-OAC1. The S-7 is now listed as ZK-WAL3, and our S-6 has now become ZK-OAC2.

In the gap above I leave a space for a pic of our S-6 as ZK-JNA5. (I can only live in hope). I wonder if in fact it was even marked up as such ?

Below however we have a photo of the new ZK-OAC2 as captured at Taieri by Ray Bremer on Saturday 05-05-2010.


  1. Unless it actually had reason to fly during the time it was registered as ZK-JNA, I think it is highly unlikely that it was repainted.

  2. Trying to correlate facts on engine type and if the 34.5 ft or 29.5 ft wingspan version that crashed in NZ early April 2017 ?