Wednesday 30 May 2012

Christchurch today 30-05-2012

Three helicopter photographs taken at the Helicentre today 30-05-2012.
Above at Heli Maintenance was the Schweizer 269CBi ZK-HYC3 (c/n 0151) of Couplands Stockfeed of Timaru.
Below is a better view of the Donald Irvine Robinson R66 (turbine) ZK-HWT4 (c/n 0033) also at Heli Maintenance.
And below is the Robinson R44 Raven ZK-IAA (c/n 1103) of Helipro.
Check some of the differences between the R44 and the R66 above.
The R66 has louvres at the fuselage end of there tail boom. It has an air intake in the fairing near the lower leading edge of the rotor mast. A gap where the tail boom meets the rear fuselage and note the lower line of the windows on the R66 are at an even angle and all three line up - The R44 has a shallower angle and a step down to the front screen.


  1. The R66 doesn't even sound like a turbine. Saw ZK-HAG takeoff at Christmas time and it sounded like a R44

  2. There must have been a 44 in the back ground....they sound nothing alike. No deep growling lycoming to drive you nuts. The 66 sounds like a Jet banger....