Monday 28 November 2011

ZK-CEC on the move.

Reims Cessna F406 Caravan 11 ZK-CEC2 (c/n F406-0012) is on the move. It was spotted at Taupo on 27-11-2011 by Henry McIntyre. It had just been flown in by Guy Stevenson. It has been stripped and is parked outside the Farmers Air Hangar.

It departed Taupo today (28-11-11) for Auckland, Norfolk Island and then on to Coolangatta. (Where next ?)
In its time in NZ it has flown under the ZK-CII2 , the ZK-VAA2 , ZK-XLC and finally the ZK-CEC2 registrations.
It has featured before on this blog in its Air Charter East Coast scheme. See


  1. CEC has now been removed off the register! Ooooh where to?

  2. Why do you even spend your days worrying about this sort of stuff?

  3. Evening there anomymous.
    I certainly don't worry about it.
    It just one of those, what you might call strange, hobbies that people have.
    What I do worry about is why you would bother posting a comment on a blog site that you seem to consider is a waste of time !