Monday 28 November 2011

Hamilton visit by Henry M

Henry McIntyre has provided three photographs from Hamilton taken on Saturday 26-11-2011.
Outside the Pacific Aerospace hangars were  two PAC 750XL's.
Above is ZK-KBK (c/n 174) with temporary registration marks applied.
Below is ZK-KBP (c/n 178) in its Island Hoppers scheme with cargo pod fitted beneath. It will soon be heading over to Fiji to Join ZK-KBD.
Parked up and seemingly unused is the only Cessna T303 Crusader on our Register. ZK-EXA is c/n T303-00110, one of only 315 built. It was registered to Motor Holdings (Aviation) Ltd at Ardmore on 03-05-1982.
Below is a view of ZK-EXA in better times. Hamilton on 23-02-2009.


  1. if it isnt being used sell it or least prottect it before its woth only scrapmetel

  2. God that is a depressing sight. Surely someone must be paying insurance premiums and maintenance bills on it still? Can't believe the level of neglect.

  3. It needs new engines, and unfortunately the 303 uses some unusual models that are scarce as hens teeth and horrendously expensive. the engines exceed the value of the aircraft (and it will be very expensive to get it going again now...)

  4. ZK-CKE2 - what nonsense, the 303 has de-rated Continental 520s, not exactly the most exotic engines out there. Golden Eagles have far more expensive (and temperamental) engines, and you don't see many of those airframes sitting around neglected.

  5. ZK-EXA was my pride and joy as I flew her for Motor Holdings Air Services for her first 1,500 hours she was a beautiful aircraft to fly.

  6. Like you Steve I had the pleasure of flying many hours in this aircraft in its glory days. You will be pleased to know that I have purchased EXA and she is being restored to her former glory, Watch out in time to come.EXA will be as new again. I could not bear to see it become beer cans.