Friday 18 November 2011

Mooney M20C ZK-DBK

Mooney M20C ZK-DBK has been part of the NZ aviation scene since its arrival back in December 1964 fresh from the factory and initially placed on the Kiwi register as ZK-CLB.  It landed short approaching Ardmore on 27 April 1969 and was cancelled from the register the following month.  During June 1970 the airframe underwent a rebuild and was re-registered as ZK-DBK.  It appears the aircraft has sustained one or two landing gear related incidents and the most recent was at Raglan on 12 November.  During the take-off roll the gear collapsed causing the aircraft to come to an abrupt halt.
TV3 news article and video here :
Other bits on ZK-DBK :
Departing North Shore 01 July 2006
Parakai 11 May 2010
Arriving Raglan 12 November 2011
After math

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