Friday 18 November 2011

Rans S-7 Courier ZK-KEL

 We have three pics of the recently registered Rans S-7 Courier ZK-KEL (c/n 0106426).
This is the nineteenth on our register and is listed to Hamish and Richard Kellahan of Geraldine. The kit was imported in 2006 with initial assembly started by Richard and Chuck Berry (of Red Bull Skydiving fame) from Wanaka, with the majority of the build to completion done by Craig Miller at Taieri. Craig did the first flight early in October. It is powered with the six cylinder Jabiru engine (with modified oil cooler) onto a Brent Thompson propeller. For instrumentation is has a Dynon D10 for engine monitoring and fuel flow, plus basic analogue round dials for ASI, VSI, Altimeter and Slip ball. An additional extra are helmets and intercom – these are Flycom from David Gray in the UK; the helmets are excellent for noise reduction and extremely comfortable and audio clarity is superb. It is painted in the Rans “Chevron” scheme of white and yellow, with black trim and weighs in empty at 729 pounds. Richard has previously operated the Bantam B10 ZK-KGG and currently has the Bantam B20 ZK-JBW “The Banty Chook”; whilst Hamish has a share in the Rans S-9 ZK-KLI at Rangitata Island.
Top pic was taken at Taieri by Hamish and the two lower shots were taken yesterday (17-11-2011) by Allan Bowman at its Fairlie base

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