Tuesday 15 November 2011

More from Lake Station.

Young Andy Heap has sent in another batch of photographs as taken at Lake Station on 13-11-2011.
Above is the Schleicher ASW20 ZK-GTJ (c/n 20467) of Mike Strathern (NZ Sailplanes Ltd). Imported from the US in 2004 for Tim Cosgrove, it went to Luke Tiller who changed its registration to ZK-GTL on 18-08-2008. Mike obtained it on 10-07-2011 and re-registered it back to ZK-GTJ.
 The Nelson Lakes Flying Clubs Grob G103A Twin 11 Acro (Trolly) ZK-GAJ2  (c/n 3730-K-46) safely over the fence.
The syndicate owned Schempp-Hirth HS-5 Nimbus 11 ZK-GKU (c/n 124) showing its Schempp-Hirth type air brakes to maximum effect.
The Clubs single seat Grob G102 Club 111b Astir ZK-GNH (c/n 5612CB) nearly  home.
Two views of the Glaser Dirks DG300 Elan ZK-GOZ (3E-99) about to touch down tail first.
Below. A typical Lake Station backdrop as the Pete Mundy Schempp-Hirth Standard Cirrus ZK-GHD (c/n 62) approaches the boundary fenceline. This was a Doug Yarrell import in late 1970.

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