Monday 28 November 2011

L V Eade = ZK-LVE Rans S6

Two more photos from Allan Bowman taken at Rangiora on 27-11-2011 showing the brand new Rans S-6ES Coyote 11 ZK-LVE (c/n 05051662ES) as built by Les Eade at Cheviot and registered on the 23rd.
Above it is having engine runs by Paul Woodley of Woodley Aircraft Services, and below with its cowls in place.
Below is a shot of the port wing completed and awaiting to be bagged. as seen at Cheviot on 03-08-2011
A view of the office as seen on 26-11-2011.
Les currently runs the Evans VP-1 ZK-VPI which, from memory he purchased in 2002 and re-worked it with a 1834cc VW engine.

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