Thursday 24 November 2011

Question time # 142 resolved

It is indeed a Naval N3N-3. It has the c/n 2878 and the US registration of N45296, no NZ registration for a while yet.
This airframe is located near Waimate
They are almost always mistaken for the Boeing Stearman.
Its internal structure is very different from the Stearman. They have a square frame built up from angular sections with ribs and stringers added to give the rounded shape on the fuselage

Below I have nicked a photo from Bill Larkin and from the Aero-Web Org site.
It shows the Naval N3N-3 in the foreground and the Boeing N2S Stearman behind.
The most obvious differences are:-
Engine firewall shape.
Vertical tailplane. Shape, larger, and single strut on the Naval & wire braced on the Stearman.
Undercarriage exposed and braced on Naval. Single faired unit on Stearman
Wheels. Bigger and narrower on the Naval. (Naval often operated with single large float
under fuselage and smaller floats on outer wing).
Four ailerons on the Naval with interconnecting push rods behind the wing "N" struts.
Check out for more on the history of these Naval N3N's.

Well done Planecrazy4.
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  1. Thanks for the offer of the chocolate fish but ill leave it thanks i didnt have to work hard enough for it hahaha!!!!!!

  2. More on the N3N here:

    David Jay

  3. I hope I'm not stepping on any toes, but are there any updates on this project?

    1. I passed through Waimate on Saturday and drove past the location but all was closed up. I will delve deeper when next I pass that way. Cheers

    2. Thanks BB, I just happened upon this post while looking for something else and figured it couldn't hurt! I'll keep an eye out.