Friday 18 November 2011

Spotted down south.

This little Cessna 150F N150BW (c/n 64521) was spotted whilst I was pottering around in the murk near Waimate on November the 8th. It was previously CF-UTF, initially with Len Garand of Vancouver and then with Brad West of the Bar H W Ranch flight school at Coalmont in British Columbia with whom it did about 5000 flying hours. It now has about 5300 hours and has been with its present NZ owner for about 17 years.


  1. Has this aircraft flown?? Have not heard it about.
    Was the plane spotted on Gunns Road??

    Owner also has a Stearman??

  2. Hi Anon.
    Not to my knowledge.
    It was put outside the shed to allow the assembly of a new Rans S6 inside.
    Affirmative on Gunns Road