Friday 25 November 2011

More pics from Taupo

A reasonably long time resident at Taupo, inactive, is this Bell 222 JA9568 (c/n 47074).
This was originally N18097 before moving to Japan. It came to NZ and was registered here as ZK-HZD2 on 20-11-2003 for Aircraft Maintenance Taupo Ltd. It was never marked as such, and was cancelled from the register on 17-12-2004 as withdrawn. It has been used as a spare parts department to keep the Taupo based Search & Rescue Services Ltd Bell 222B ZK-HZQ active.
Pic taken on 23-11-2011.

Remainder of original blog removed at aircraft owners request 02-04-2012.

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  1. Hi,

    when are you going to take those pictures off the web.

    They were taken unauthorized and I will seek legal action if you do not comply.

    Regards Werner Gebauer