Tuesday 22 November 2011

Feilding Aerodrome 19-11-11, and VP 1's of New Zealand Addendum (2)

After overnighting at Feilding on my road trip to Wellington, I travelled to Feilding Aerodrome at Taonui where I had arranged with a couple of homebuiders to meet and photo their aeroplanes.

Tony Udy has been building his Zenith CH 200 ZK-UDY for many years and first registered it on 20/8/87. However it only flew about a year ago. He has made a very nice job of it.

At the other end of the aerodrome John Waugh opened up his hangar for me to photo his VP 1 ZK-EEM to which he has added a raised turtledeck and a canopy. It is now named "Red Shoes".

And in the back of ZK-UDY's hangar was Feilding's other resident VP 1 ZK-DGW which is owned by Bill Hedley of Palmerston North.
While I was at Feilding I ran into Les Rogers who has been building his RV 4 ZK-LDR, also for many years. Les showed us his newly painted aircraft which is nearly completed.

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