Thursday 17 November 2011

Rotorcraft at Black Sands Flyin

As with most flyins these days, Black Sands 2011 featured a selection of rotorcraft.
ZK-TEW is a Sport Copter Vortex owned by A R Main of Pukeatua, and was first registered on 11/3/09.
ZK-RDH is a Autoflight Tandem Dominator which was built by B M Oswald of Whakatane, and was first registered as ZK-JPT on 21/11/08. Its registration was quickly changed (2 days later) to ZK-RDH. It is now owned by C S Mitchell of Huntly, transferring ownership on 17/5/11.
And the final gyrocopter of interest (to me!) was this Autogyro Europe Calidus Fern ZK-MZM which is our third Calidus Fern, and was registered to the agents Gyrate NZ Ltd of Tauranga on 10/2/11. Thanks to Mike Condon for this photo

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