Saturday 28 March 2020


CMM has been on the prowl at Wanaka
Three Ravens rounded up.
Three Robinson R44's.
ZK-HQA4 (c/n 1369) as listed with Prosser Heli Ag Ltd of Fairlie is on the left.
ZK-HCR2 (c/n 0323) is in the middle.
ZK-ICA (c/n 1229) of Western Pacific Helicopters Ltd on the right.
 Also noted was the Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-IMV2 (c/n 11972) of Cattle Flat Station.

CMM also noted the following:-
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And under construction

Over next door at the National Transport Museum the Salis is still perched on its rock.
Remember 'Wal' and Murray Ball ?
 This was mentioned in an earlier post Here

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  1. Perhaps a Western Pacific roundup for the duration of the 'holidays'.