Wednesday 18 March 2020

Ardmore on the 15th

A couple more photos from the NZ Warbirds open day at Ardmore last Sunday.  I wasn't able to get there but I understand there were 3 flying slots with the first slot being the WW 1 aircraft (plus a Harvard and the Mustang).  The morning slot is the best for aircraft photography with the sun in the East.  Here are 3 photos from Marcus D:

Another angle of the Siemens Schuckert D IV replica ZK-SSW, showing the colour of the undersides and its big red nose.

A nice view of the Warbirds new Ranger engined Bristol Fighter replica ZK-PRK (in the colours of an aircraft associated with Keith Park).

And Frank Parker flew his lovely Le Rhone rotary engined Bristol Scout replica ZK-BTL2

Thanks very much for the photos Marcus.

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