Friday 27 March 2020

I remember when -

- flying was fun.
Here we are outside the Rangitaiki Pub - from memory sometime in 1969.
I wonder where they all are now ?

I can probably account for the aircraft but alas the people ----

On the left is the Piper PA-18-95 ZK-CXC c/n 18-6202 still active out of Rangiora.

Then we have the Piper PA-22-150 Caribbean ZK-BSI c/n 22-7354 which got bent in February 1997 at Kimbolton.

In behind is the Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-CMQ c/n 18-6379 which I believe is still active with Gene Barnum out of Willow, Alaska as N555GB.

Then we see the AESL Airtourer Super 150 ZK-CZP c/n A537 which flew across the Tasman in April 1976 to become VH-COI and has been with John O'Halloran of Tewantin, Queensland ever since.

On the far right is the Cessna 185D ZK-CHS c/n 1850793 sadly lost alongside the Desert Road on 19-03-1979.

Interestingly of these - ZK-CXC was a rebuild of ZK-BTT, ZK-CMQ was a rebuild from ZK-BPL and ZK-CZP was a rebuild of Victa 115 ZK-CMA.


  1. Colour version of this photo is at top of Page 103 of ‘Heartland High Flier’ by Bruce Gavin. Unfortunately I don’t have the names.
    Cheers and thanks

  2. are you in the photo Dave?

  3. Cheers for the colour printed version - I had forgotten about that.

    And no I am not in said picturegraph.

  4. Ironically I did my CHS rating in CHS and PA18 rating in CMQ both at PP with the Late Great Harry.The Auckland Flying School and its affiliates used to swap a/c around a bit. Fun times indeed; wish we could name that lot.
    Is Peter Matich still with us?

  5. Alas the 'Captain' died in Middlemore Hospital on 08-02-2020