Tuesday 24 March 2020

Sikorsky EH 60A Blackhawk ZK-HKU

Kahu New Zealand Ltd's Sikorsky EH 60A Blackhawk arrived at Auckland in June 2019 registered as N160PA and it initially operated here under its American registration.  It was registered ZK-HKU3 on 13/1/20.

This month it flew down to Queenstown for a job and Tim Gorman photo'd it going there and back:

Parked up at Milson Airport on 23/3/20.

It looks grunty even when it is parked!

Because of the covers over the engines what the top 2 photos don't show is the company name on the fuselage, and this is shown in the above photo which Tim took as the Blackhawk headed South past Manakau to Queenstown earlier in the month.

Thanks for the use of the photos Tim.


  1. Always excited to see new photos of the Black Hawk, especially now she’s on our register! Thank you Tim for your photos. Minor correction though: this aircraft is an EH-60A.

  2. Thanks Handbag - changed now.