Saturday 21 March 2020

Tiger Moth Fly in Ashburton 14th March # 3

A very welcome recent addition to our register is the Thruxton Jackaroo ZK-PHZ.

 As you can see it is Tiger Moth based with a widened fuselage able to seat four in slightly staggered side by side tandem seating under an enclosed canopy.
 ZK-PHZ is c/n 82151 and was built for the RAF as N6907. It entered the British Civil register as G-AOIO in January 1956 and was converted to Thruxton Jackaroo status in about July of 1958.
It was exported to Australia in 1978 and was stored - never achieving airworthiness.
It became ZK-PHZ on 21-01-2020.


  1. I can tell you that this aircraft became a Thruxton Jackaroo on May 1st 1958 as I have a lot of the original paperwork for it. i have the pilot notes, log book, engine log book, flight manual etc for it. If the owner would like to reunite the documents with the aircraft please let me know.

  2. Evening Ian. Sorry I don't have the owners contact details but if you contacted John King at he would help you out.

    1. I just saw your reply -thanks, I'll contact them.

  3. Hi folks, As the “private owner” , I would be very keen to see what documents Ian’s relics hold on my Jackaroo. I hold the English aircraft log issued when it was civilianised out of the RAF, as G-AOIO, which contains it’s history till it stopped flying in 1974. You could contact me at Cheers, the PHZ.