Sunday 22 March 2020

Tiger Moth Fly in Ashburton 14th March # 5

Last of the pics from Ashburton show the Tiger Moth ZK-ALK nearest then ZK-BAH and ZK-BLI with the Gipsy Moth ZK-ADT at the far end.
 Below we have a monochrome line up with ZK-BRL nearest, then ZK-BMY, ZK-ALK, ZK-BAH, ZK-BLI and ZK-ADT.

 The Fit and Proper People Syndicate had their Lincoln Sports ZK-BLV c/n 1 out on an engine run. This is very close to flying again.
It has been on display at the Ashburton Aviation Museum since 2014.
 I almost missed including the Cessna A185E ZK-LJG c/n 185-1009 which has been with Wanganui Aero Work (2004) Ltd / Ravensdown Aerowork Ltd since March of 2010.
It in fact began its NZ career as ZK-COH in mid-1966 and served as a skiplane with Mount Cook until being modified on the Fox Glacier in December 1980. 
It re-appeared as ZK-LJG in late November 1996.

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